Cigarette’s vs Disposable Vape’s Cost Calculator

Cigarette’s vs Disposable Vape’s Cost Calculator


Are you curious about how much you spend on cigarettes annually compared to vaping? This calculator provides a clear comparison between the yearly cost of your current smoking habit and the potential cost if you switch to vaping. By understanding the cost difference, you can make an informed decision about your smoking habits.


  1. Daily Cigarette Consumption: Enter the average number of cigarettes you smoke each day.
  2. Cigarette Brand: Select the brand of cigarettes you usually purchase. This will help in estimating the average cost.
  3. Click on the Calculate button.
  4. Review the results. You’ll see your average puffs per day, total puffs in a year, the yearly cost of your chosen cigarette brand, and the equivalent yearly cost if you were to switch to 2ml or 18ml vapes.
Cost Saving Calculator

Cost Saving Calculator

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