How Disposable Vapes Work

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How Disposable Vapes Work

How Disposable Vapes Work: A Look Inside the Convenient Devices

How disposable vapes work; as disposable vapes have gained popularity thanks to their simplicity and ease of use. But what exactly goes on inside these portable, self-contained devices? Here’s a look at the inner workings and key components that allow disposable vapes to function.

The Core Components

  • Disposable Vape Components - Online Smoke Shop StockBattery – Provides power to heat and activate the device, usually 200 – 650mAh capacity for 200 – 12,000 puffs.
  • E-liquid – Contains nicotine, flavors, and liquid. Soaked into the coil and turned to vapor when heated.
  • Atomizer – Coils heat and vaporize the e-liquid using power from the battery.
  • Mouthpiece – The tapered tip that allows you to inhale vapor from the device.
  • Body shell – Outer casing containing all internal parts in a compact format.

The Vaping Process Step-By-Step

  • Inhale to turn on – Most disposables use draw trigger to start heating coil.
  • Battery engages – Battery sends power to the metal coil inside the atomizer.
  • Coil heats up – Coil quickly heats to vaporize the e-liquid.
  • Vapor created – E-liquid turns into a vapor that travels up the mouth piece.
  • Inhale vapor – User inhales the vapor cloud into the mouth and lungs.
  • Exhale – Excess vapor is exhaled producing thick plumes. The process repeats with each puff.

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Disposable Vape Advantages

  • Minimal charging – Batteries come pre-charged so no powering up is required. Then usually charge within 30 minutes, for re-chargeable disposable vapes.
  • Compact size – Easily fits into a pocket or purse, when on the go.
  • Variety – Different flavors and nicotine strengths to suit each vaper.
  • Affordable – Lower average cost versus rechargeable vaping systems.
  • No fixing – Throw away when done instead of cleaning and refilling. Making it easy to use and replace.
Understanding what goes on inside makes it easy to see why disposable vapes have become a go to technology. Their hassle-free experience fuels their gain in popularity.

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