Appearance and Construction

The Pulsar 510 DL Auto-Draw Variable Voltage Vape Pen offers a discreet way to enjoy your vaping experience. Constructed from quality metal in the original color line and durable plastic in the new thermochromic color line, this sleek and slim device resembles a traditional disposable vape. The heat-reactive coating on the thermochromic line may display minor color variation between production runs.

Cartridge Compatibility

By removing the magnetic base and attaching 510 threaded cartridges, the DL Vape Pen allows for subtle hits on the go. It accommodates cartridges up to 11.5MM Diameter and 59MM length.

User Control and Functionality

The DL Vape Pen provides full control to users through breath power. Turning the pen on and off is achieved with 5 quick puffs, while 3 quick puffs allow for changing voltage settings. A pre-heat mode can be activated with 2 short puffs to ready your carts for the next use. The DL enables blending in or standing out as desired.

Kit Inclusions

This kit comprises:

  • Pulsar 510 DL Battery
  • Bottom Magnetic Connector
  • USB-C Charging Cable


  • Battery Capacity: 320mAh
  • Connection: 510 threaded
  • Voltage Range: Variable voltage (3.0-3.8V)
  • Design: Sleek and discreet
  • Control Mechanism: Fully breath-controlled
  • Additional Features:
    • Button-free pre-heat & voltage changes
    • Concealed cartridge port
    • USB-C charging
  • Color Options: Multiple available
  • Warranty: 6-month warranty



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