The Bonz metal pipe showcases a crystal clear, see-through stem that offers a front-row view of the smoke in action. With a length of 3.5″, it’s available in a range of 5 vibrant colors. Its design allows for easy disassembly, facilitating convenient cleaning.

Distinguishing themselves from the commonplace metal pipes found at local gas stations or smoke shops, Big Pipe metal pipes exemplify exceptional quality. Unlike most metal pipes, Big Pipe’s products are proudly manufactured in the USA. Each pipe incorporates components crafted from high-quality metals and is designed for effortless disassembly, streamlining the cleaning process. Screens are not included.

Key Features:

  • Traditional Size and Shape
  • See-Thru Stem for Visual Appeal
  • Easy Disassembly for Cleaning
  • Available in a Variety of Colors
  • Screens Recommended (not included)
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Length: 2.5″

The color of the product will be chosen randomly from our current in-stock selection.


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