The Big Barrel Perc (GSB1196) is a water pipe or bong component that enhances the filtration of smoke for a smoother and cooler hit. It features a large barrel-shaped percolator, which helps to diffuse and filter the smoke multiple times before inhalation. This design provides an efficient smoking experience with improved flavor and reduced harshness. Big Barrel Perc – GSB1196 is a type of glass water pipe commonly used for smoking legal herbs or concentrates. Here are some bullet points describing this specific model:

  • The Big Barrel Perc – GSB1196 is made of high-quality borosilicate glass, which is durable and heat-resistant.
  • It features a “big barrel” percolator, which diffuses the smoke and creates a smoother hit.
  • The rig has a tall and slender design, which provides a larger surface area for smoke to interact with water and cool down before inhalation.
  • The joint size of the rig is 14mm, which is a common size for many smoking accessories.
  • The rig comes with a glass bowl for smoking legal herbs and can be easily converted to smoking concentrates with the addition of a compatible nail and dome.
  • The design of the rig is both functional and visually appealing, with clean lines and a classic look.
  • The Big Barrel Perc – GSB1196 is ideal for those who prefer a smoother smoking experience and appreciate the aesthetic appeal of a well-designed glass water pipe.
  • Overall, the Big Barrel Perc – GSB1196 is a high-quality and reliable option for smoking legal herbs or concentrates.



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