Since 1932, Bugler has provided some of the industry’s greatest old-fashioned rolling papers. Since then, Bugler Single Wides have been famous for their pre-gummed medium thickness and all-around excellence. Each pack contains 115 leaves that are made from a combination of flax and wood and are meant to last for a very long time. The clean burn and ease of use of Bugler rolling papers have made them popular. So that neither of you runs out of supplies for the other anytime soon, pick up a couple for yourself and some pals.

  1. Bugler Hemp papers are 100% hemp-based and chlorine-free.
  2. 1/14 size, very thin papers .
  3. Bugler Original fine quality papers burn even and always stick.
  4. Available in 50 and 115 papers per booklet. Bugler Rolling Papers – 24 packs per box


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