The Missouri Meerschaum non-filtered Mizzou Corn Cob Pipe is a bent pipe with a longer amber bit and a slim, barrel-shaped bowl. The coating has a small amount of colour, giving the pipe a soft, yellow appearance.

For a ten-minute smoke break, this pipe works great.

You might see some chipping on the top edge of your pipe due to the nature of the corn cobs themselves. This is completely normal and has no impact on how your pipe smokes. Your corn cob pipe’s charm and personality are only enhanced by the chips. Enjoy!

Bent Bit Only

Slim, Barrel-Shaped Bowl


Approximate Dimensions

Length:   6 in / 152.4 mm

Bowl Height:  1.75 in / 44.45 mm

Chamber Diameter:  .625 in / 15.875 mm

Chamber Depth:  1.25 in / 31.75 mm


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