The 45 Degree 14MM Female Quartz Banger 4MM Thick Glass is now available. We have the ideal solution for you if you want to receive the biggest, most exhilarating hits possible from your water pipe or rig. Our Quartz Bangers are constructed from premium materials to consistently deliver an unrivalled dabbing or vaping experience. A quartz banger, in contrast to glass bangers, can always endure high heat and provide a smooth and clean flavour with each puff. Glass bangers, on the other hand, can crack when repeatedly subjected to high temperatures. Additionally, this banger is exactly what you need for long-lasting durability at 4mm thick. Power, right there! Get your hands on our quartz banger today and experience hits bursting with potent flavour instead of settling for a substandard dab.

  • Size: 14mm
  • Degree: 45
  • Material: Quartz
  • Style: Round
  • Features: Banger nail


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