Gambler Tubes are a type of cigarette tube used for making hand-rolled cigarettes. They are designed to be filled with tobacco using a cigarette injector machine, which allows for easy and efficient filling of the tubes with the desired amount of tobacco. Gambler Tubes come in a variety of flavors and sizes, including regular, menthol, gold, and silver, and are made from high-quality paper and filters to ensure a smooth smoking experience. They are a popular choice among smokers who prefer to roll their own cigarettes as they provide a convenient and cost-effective alternative to pre-made cigarettes.

  • These tubes are made by Gambler, a company renowned for offering premium tubes at competitive costs.
  • Types: Regular Red & Gold
  • Size: 100’s
  • Tubes Per Unit: 200

100mm, 100s, Kings


Gold, Menthol, Red


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