The RYOT Wooden Twist One Hitter is a sleek, sophisticated piece of engineering with a patent-pending TWIST design for simple ash ejection. Your Wooden Twist One Hitter should be loaded, smoked, and then pushed forward to eject the ash. Its simple disassembly also makes cleaning simple. Never again get tar on your fingertips, and say good-bye to burning lips. Better than the Spring Bat in that it loads without ejecting!

  • Durable Wooden Construction
  • Available in Maple, Rosewood, Walnut, and Bamboo
  • Available in Maple and Walnut with a Black Tip
  • Designed to Prevent Heat Transfer
  • Fits All Standard RYOT Dugouts
  • Matching RYOT Magnetic Dugouts Available
  • Twist U.S. Patent No. 9,723,869

Maple, Walnut


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