Introducing the Yocan LUX Max Vape Pen Battery: Enhanced Performance and Style

Battery Capacity Amplified

Yocan has unveiled a device enriched with an impressive 900mAh battery capacity. Enthusiasts familiar with the brand recognize this substantial capacity from Yocan’s premium offerings like the recently launched Yocan Uni Pro Plus Box Mod and the upcoming Yocan ARI Plus Dab Pen Battery. This augmented battery capacity aligns perfectly with the “Max” designation attributed by Yocan to this vape pen battery.

Extended Sessions and Versatile Voltage Settings

In the same vein as the previously mentioned Yocan LUX Plus, the Yocan LUX Max accommodates prolonged sessions and facilitates access to Yocan LUX’s higher voltage settings. Users are empowered to extend their sessions and experiment with elevated temperature profiles, catering to both medical consumers seeking reliable extended battery life and recreational users desiring potent effects from their chosen herbs and extracts. The Yocan LUX Max seamlessly caters to personal usage and group sessions, providing an all-encompassing vaping experience.

Modernized Charging Technology

A significant enhancement lies in the charging mechanism. In contrast to Yocan’s earlier devices that still employ the tried-and-true micro-USB charging technology, the Yocan LUX Max adopts the contemporary USB Type-C charging technology. This modernization ensures the Yocan LUX Max is equipped with an updated charging system. Notably, USB Type-C offers swifter charging compared to micro-USB, eliminating prolonged waiting periods for users. The reduced charging time is particularly appealing for those frequently on-the-go. Additionally, proponents of USB Type-C charging assert its superior stability in power delivery, effectively mitigating battery damage associated with inconsistent power supply prevalent in older charging technologies. Consequently, the Yocan LUX Max boasts an extended lifespan when compared to vaporizer batteries utilizing antiquated charging systems. The widespread availability of USB Type-C charging cables further elevates its convenience.


Black, Green, Purple, Silver, Teal, Yellow


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