The Marjio Bowl 14M is likely a type of bowl or bowl attachment for a water pipe that has a 14-millimeter male joint. It is possible that it is made of glass, although without more information it is difficult to say for certain. The Marjio Bowl 14M may be available for purchase at smoke shops or online retailers that specialize in smoking accessories.

  • This thick borosilicate glass Scared face bong bowl is green in colour.
  • High heat temperatures can be endured by borosilicate glass without it breaking or displaying any weaknesses.
  • So, with this product, you can give your customers both style and durability in one package.
  • Additionally, this bulk Scared Face Green Glass Bong Bowl is 14mm in diameter and 5 x 5 x 9 cm in size.
  • It just weighs 0.06kg.
  • Most clients usually choose this bowl due of its size because they can put large amounts of tobacco or herbs in it without having to frequently refill it.

The color of the product will be chosen randomly from our current in-stock selection.


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