Baton NTN Salts blend superior, tobacco-free nicotine salts with Baton’s crisp, clean, strong, yet understated flavours. Pineapple Freeze is made up of pieces of ripe, sweet pineapple that have been frozen with chilling menthol.

  • 1x – Bottle of Baton NTN Salts Pineapple Freeze
  • 1 x Blue Raspberry NTN Nic Salts By Baton Vapor – (10 mL)
  • 50% PG / 50% VG

AloeGrape Freeze2.5%, AloeGrape Freeze5%, Blue Rasp 5% (DNO), Blue Raspberry 2.5%, Iced Straw Kiwi 2.5%, Pineapple Freeze 5%, Pineapple Freeze2.5%


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