We think that the moment we first see the bloom should be the start of our top shelf experience. Nothing compares to the sparkling crystals on a freshly picked flower or the fragrant scent that emanates from a brand-new container. Because of this, we designed a viewing experience that blends in naturally with your session. To raise the bar for flower enthusiasts everywhere, we’ve rethought and redesigned the stash jar. To protect your flower, our tamper-proof locking mechanisms, 100% airtight smell proof seals, high-powered magnification lenses, and crystal clear, lightweight, sturdy jars come equipped with ultra bright LED lights. Utilise Smokus Focus to enhance your experience.

  • Glass Stash Jar
  • Magnifying Glass for Up Close Looks
  • Hyper-Bright LED
  • 2″ Diameter – 3″ Tall
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Super Easy to Fit into Pocket

Black, Green, Pink


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