This hand-blown, clear straight tube water pipe is made of borosilicate glass. This kind of glass is perfect for ice because it can resist greater temperature variations. Tossing a few cubes into the pinch in the piece’s centre allows you to have a smooth, cold smoking session. The smooth hit is aided by an 18-14mm diffused downstem that breaks up the smoke, and the glass-on-glass bowl is simple to remove for cleaning or chamber clearing. The bowl has a handle on the side that keeps it from rolling after being set down. Through the transparent glass, observe the smoke dancing about the interior while taking pleasure in the elegant, colourful mouthpiece’s added personality. various shades of blue, green, and milky

  •  Assorted Random Colors
  •  Diffused Downstem
  •  Ice Pinch
  •  Straight Tube
  •  Uses 14mm Male Bowl
  •  Water Pipe


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