Zig Zag papers are a type of rolling paper used for rolling tobacco or other substances for smoking. They are known for their distinctive zig-zag pattern and are available in a variety of sizes,

Zig Zag papers have been around since the 1800s and have become a popular choice for smokers around the world. They are made with natural flax fibers and are known for their quality and consistency.

  • 1 1/4 size: This is the most common size of Zig Zag papers, measuring 78mm x 44mm.
  • King size: This is a larger size of paper, measuring 100mm x 53mm, which allows for a longer and wider roll.
  • Ultra thin: These papers are thinner than the regular papers, allowing for a smoother smoke.
  • Organic: Zig Zag also offers organic papers made with 100% renewable hemp fibers..

Black, Kutcorners, Orange, Organic Hemp, Original, Preroll cones, Ultra thin


1 1/4, King size


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