Shisha Tobacco is a type of flavored tobacco traditionally used in hookahs. It is made from high-quality tobacco mixed with molasses, honey, and fruit flavors. Shisha Tobacco comes in a wide range of flavors, such as apple, mint, watermelon, and grape, and it’s available in different quantities and packaging options.

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  • Fumari

    Fumari is a premium hookah tobacco company that has been producing small batches of tobacco since 1997. The company is based in San Diego, California…
  • New Pack 250g – Al Fakher

    Looking for a delicious new tobacco flavor for your hookah? Try Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco 250g! Our premium-quality hookah tobacco is made with only the…
  • New Pack 50g – Al Fakher

    Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco 50g is perfect for first time sessions and hookah experts at Hookah-Shisha. Enjoy the high quality traditional molasses of Al Fakher…
  • Starbuzz

    Starbuzz Tobacco has been dedicated to providing the highest quality of products in all aspects of the hookah industry since 2005. Starbuzz has become notorious…