Kratom, a tropical tree from the coffee family, is native to Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea. It has been utilized for centuries as an herbal remedy, with its classification determined by its vein color and place of origin. Red vein is known for its calming effects, aiding in restful sleep, and as a potent pain reliever, particularly for chronic or recurring pain and opioid withdrawal symptoms. While green vein offers a mild energy boost, alertness, focus, and mild pain relief without causing drowsiness. White vein, the strongest of the three, is commonly used as a coffee substitute for attention, stamina, mood enhancement, and concentration but may not be suitable for beginners. Maeng da, the most popular strain of the three veins, shares the red vein’s pain-relieving properties but provides a more significant energy boost without the jittery, unfocused side effects associated with other stimulants.

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