The 18M18F Reclaimer Dropdown – NN265 is a type of glass accessory that can be used with a water pipe or bong to reclaim any leftover concentrates that may have accumulated during a smoking session. The reclaimer dropdown features a vertical tube with a bowl at the top and a horizontal arm with a bucket or dish at the end. The bowl is used to hold concentrates while the horizontal arm is designed to catch any excess concentrates that may drip down from the bowl during smoking.

  • Heat-resistant and durable.
  • Help prevent the waste of expensive concentrates by allowing them to be easily collected and reused.
  • The 18-millimeter joint size of the reclaimer dropdown makes it compatible with a wide variety of water pipes and bongs, making it a versatile and convenient accessory for any smoking setup.
  • It is designed to fit onto a 18-millimeter female joint and has a 18-millimeter male joint for attaching to the water pipe.
  • Useful accessory for anyone who wants to maximize their use of concentrates and prevent waste.
  • Its high-quality glass construction and compatibility.
  • A wide variety of water pipes and bongs make it a reliable and versatile addition to any smoking setup.



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