In a single urine test, the five most widely used medications are checked.

Heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, and amphetamines.

This multi-drug test is the perfect tool for conducting a quick assessment of the situation because it is so simple to use.

All five of the most popular medicines should be screened at once.

For people who want to keep broad vigilance without having any specific narcotics knowledge, the NarcoCheck® multi-drug test is the best option.

This test would reliably show any substance that could be ingested with a 99% accuracy rate!

Screening for the following 5 drugs:
  • THCCannabisMarijuanahashish
  • MDMAEcstasy
  • COCCocaineCrack
  • MORMorphineHeroineOpiates
  • AMPAmphetamines



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