Sunshine Chris Pinkerton’s Joy Blast Off Outer Space Psych Art Tapestry — They are what locals in India use as bedcovers. At home, people use them as tablecloths, bedsheets, room dividers, curtains, window treatments, ceiling decorations, and fast covers. Our tapestries are the ideal versatile outdoor travelling companion thanks to the corner loops. Secure the picnic blanket. Stake out a suitable amount of space for your pals at festivals. The campsite should have a sunscreen tied. Excellent for use as a windproof beach sheet or sun cover-up at the beach. All cotton. Not quilted or woven, but printed, are our tapestries. These tapestries are hippy Indian. as paper thin. Excellent, precise power loom construction. Dimensions are roughly 5 feet by 7.5 feet.

  • 3D REACTIVE ARTWORK: Amazing visual effects when viewed with 3D glasses
  • HUGE: Measures approximately 60 by 90 inches
  • LOOPED: Equipped with sturdy corner loops for easy hanging, tying & beach staking
  • AUTHENTIC: Hand crafted in India using traditional methods
  • FUNCTIONAL: Makes a great wall hanging, tablecloth, beach cover up, couch cover or window curtain


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