Rubber Paint Touch Imported Handle not included; only high-quality silicone hose. Universal Shisha Hose: With a diameter of 1/2 inch and exceptional ductility, it can be accurately fitted to most handles. But take care the hose adapter must have a minimum diameter of 12 MM. thick silicone tube with a plush velvet texture. not quickly foldable. even in the absence of a spring to avoid kinking. will accomplish well

  1. Strong Vape Hose Simply put it under running water the first time you use it to get rid of any lingering odour.
  2. Never again worry that a shisha ghost may mar the next session.
  3. Ideal for Everyday Use Since silicone doesn’t react with other materials and won’t in any way irritate the body,
  4. it is a safe material to use.
  5. Fully washable and easy to maintain

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