The Sneak-a-Toke, “High-Efficiency” SAT Pipe, features a removable cartridge, and an innovative design. This SAT pipe burns cannabis much more fully and evenly than the other Sneak A Toke pipes. This newly designed SAT pipe essentially has a built-in carburetor effect. The large hole at the front of the pipe changes the oxygen flow and creates much smoother, balanced hits which translate into less coughing!

The refillable cartridge slips into the pipe easily. The cartridge insert can be filled with your favorite strain and then you simply slip it into the pipe. Just screw the cap back onto the pipe and you’re good to rip things up. An extra cartridge that is included with your pipe makes it possible to fill with, carry,  and smoke different strains easily and on the go. Each “High Efficiency” Sneak-a-Toke comes with two total cartridges.

  • Measures approx. 2.25″ long
  • Made in America
  • Removable and interchangeable cartridges to hold your cannabis
  • Two cartridges included (Each cartridge has a built-in screen)
  • Machined from aluminum
  • Durable rubber mouthpiece
  • New design offers smoother, cooler hits
  • Anodized in Black


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