Enhanced Visibility, Effortless Reading: Equipped with a backlit LCD display, the AT-500 offers clear and easy-to-read numbers, even in low-light environments. Enjoy stress-free weighing, confident in your measurements, regardless of the lighting conditions.

Customized Units, Intuitive Operation: Switching between measurement units is a breeze with the Mode button. Seamlessly choose between grams, ounces, troy ounces, and pennyweights, tailoring your scale to your specific needs. The Tare button simplifies the process of resetting your scale to zero, allowing for precise measurements in the same container.

Precision and Practicality: Whether you’re a home chef, a baking enthusiast, or someone who appreciates accurate measurements, the AT-500 delivers reliable results. From delicate ingredients to small items, this scale provides precise weighing, making it your go-to solution for various tasks.

Weight: 1.00 LBS
Capacity X Readability: 500g x 0.1g
Calibrated With: 500g weight (not included)
Units: g, oz, ozt, dwt
Platform: 1.58 in. diameter
Dimensions: 3.9 in. diameter / 1.18 in. tall
Power: 2 x AAA Batteries (included)
Display: Lcd – 0.7 X 2.4 In


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