On the planet of our time, atmospheric jellyfish are extraordinarily enormous and only occasionally seen. Most people found it difficult to believe in their existence because they were poorly known and comprehended. However, it seems that individuals are observing something akin in the arktian skies here on the stations. The sky is filled with enormous, brilliant jellyfish that carelessly float about, gathering whatever particles they can. An odd form of filter-feeder, it seems to just avoid touch when struck and has no need to hunt. But the substances that make up its body give it peculiar physical defences. It is virtually immune to all forms of physical harm, with bullets passing through it without phasing in most cases. The assumption is that if.

  • The Atmospheric Jellyfish is a cryptid that is classed as a UFO.
  • The Jellyfish is the only creature in Additional Creatures so far to be untamable.
  • Sightings of this cryptid are incredibly rare. It was first spotted in the Netherlands in 1974 and has been spotted a handful of times since around the world.
  • The Atmospheric Jellyfish originally shared the same model as standard jellyfish, however, it was changed to the same model as the Jellyfish from Atlas.


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