The DRY+ Backpack: Ultimate SmellProof and Waterproof Protection 

Fully SmellProof and Waterproof Design with High-Frequency Welded Seamless 

Convenient Odor Containment and Weather Protection

In the harshest conditions, the flexible roll and cinch closure play a pivotal role by conveniently trapping odors within and safeguarding against adverse weather.

Detachable SmellSafe Carbon Lined Insert for Versatility

A technical, lightweight carbon-lined SmellSafe insert is included with the Dry+ Backpack. It securely attaches inside, but can also be removed for independent use.

RYOT’s Commitment to Packing and Protection

Experience the epitome of packing and protection with RYOT’s Dry+ Backpack. For a comprehensive setup, the Dry+ Backpack complements items like a Dopp Kit, a Kannastor GR8TR, and a sturdy Solid Top Screen Box.

Smell Proof

The highest degree of odor containment and weatherproof protection is provided by RYOT’s Smell Proof bags. The exterior shell’s design prevents any air from escaping, ensuring no odors are released. Incorporating RYOT’s SmellSafe Carbon Series technology, odors are neutralized and captured, minimizing their release upon bag opening. Rely on RYOT to pack and protect.


The SmellSafe Carbon Series integrates generous carbon permeated padding that effectively absorbs and traps most odors within its pores. Complementing this is our coated weather-proof fabric and moisture-seal zipper, forming a tangible barrier against both odors and inclement weather. Crafted for the meticulous herbal enthusiast, RYOT’s line of pipe and vape cases prioritizes utility, discretion, and style. Pack and protect with RYOT.


  • Closed Dimensions: 13.5” x 7” x 22” (343mm x 178 x 559mm)
  • Capacity: 35 liters


  • Water-Proof
  • Smell-Proof
  • Abrasion-Resistant
  • Flexible Roll-and-Cinch Closure for Wide and Easy Loading
  • Contoured, Cushioned, and Breathable Shoulder Straps
  • Durable NIFCO Buckles
  • Weather-Resistant PU Coated Exterior Zipper
  • Side Stretch Water Bottle Pocket
  • Ergonomic Back Panel with Airflow Zones
  • Removable SmellSafe Carbon Bag


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