Let this cute little duckie accompany you while you dab. Let’s be honest. Little ducks are sweet and beautiful. Additionally, this carb cap’s little yellow duck design is charming and attractive. Your experience with dabbing will be redefined by the Little Yellow Duck Carb Cap. To create a chamber for your vaporising concentrate, this carb cap fits over your domeless nails and bangers. It also regulates airflow and pressure inside the chamber. The Duck Carb Cap lowers the air pressure in the dabbing surface and the entire rig by limiting the amount of air in your dab rig. When the air pressure is decreased, dabbing at lower temperatures is made possible because your oil’s boiling point is lower and requires less heat.

• Little duck design is eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing.

• Enhances your dabbing experience by improving the flavor of your concentrates.

• Easy to hold and handle. It doesn’t slip from your hands.

• Your entire dab is vaporized leaving no room for wastage.

• High-quality material confers durability


Blue, Orange, Teal, Yellow


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