The Fine Silver Fumed Pipe – Blowfish 149OH is a handcrafted smoking pipe designed for both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The pipe is made from high-quality borosilicate glass that has been fumed with fine silver, creating a unique and beautiful iridescent effect that changes color as the pipe is used over time.

The design of the pipe is inspired by the shape of a blowfish, with a distinctive rounded body and asymmetrical features. The bowl of the pipe is deep and wide, allowing for a generous amount of smoking material to be packed inside. The stem of the pipe is curved for comfort and ease of use, and is fitted with a mouthpiece that is both durable and comfortable to hold.

  • Material: The pipe should be made of high-quality glass that is resistant to heat and breakage.
  • Design: The pipe should have a unique Blowfish shape, which features a rounded bowl and an asymmetrical body.
  • Fuming: The pipe should be fumed with fine silver, which will give it a unique and iridescent finish.
  • Size: The pipe should be approximately 4-5 inches in length, with a bowl that is large enough to hold a moderate amount of tobacco or other smoking material.
  • Weight: The pipe should be lightweight and easy to hold, with a balanced weight distribution that makes it comfortable to use.
  • Mouthpiece: The pipe should have a comfortable mouthpiece that is easy to grip and does not put too much strain on the lips or teeth.
  • Cleaning: The pipe should be easy to clean and maintain, with a design that allows for easy access to the bowl and stem.
  • Accessories: The pipe should come with a protective case or pouch for safe storage and transportation.


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