For any fan of the legendary band, the Grateful Dead Themed Spoon Pipe with Frit from Irie Motivations is a necessity. This exquisite spoon pipe is crafted of premium materials for a smooth and pleasurable smoking experience and boasts a bright Grateful Dead image. Frit added to the bowl gives it a distinctive and eye-catching pattern. You may take your favorite herbs with you wherever you go thanks to its small size. This item is sure to wow, whether you enjoy the Grateful Dead or simply a fine spoon pipe. Get yours from Irie Motivations right away!

  • Grateful Sherlock is a unique hand pipe made of high-quality glass material.
  • It features a colorful and intricate design with the Grateful Dead’s iconic skull and roses artwork.
  • The pipe measures approximately 4.5 inches in length and has a deep bowl for herb packing.
  • The deep bowl allows for longer smoking sessions without the need for constant repacking.
  • This Sherlock-style pipe has a comfortable grip and a curved shape that helps to prevent ash and debris from entering your mouth while smoking.
  • It is a perfect gift for Grateful Dead fans or anyone who appreciates artistic and functional smoking accessories.


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