The Ice Pick Carb Cap, model number NN747, is a dabbing accessory that is used to regulate airflow and improve vaporization efficiency. Here are some key features and bullets about this product:

  • Durable and heat-resistant: The Ice Pick Carb Cap is made of high-quality, heat-resistant glass that can withstand the high temperatures associated with dabbing.
  • Unique design: The carb cap has a unique ice pick shape, with a pointed end that can be used to stir and move around concentrates as they vaporize.
  • Compatible with most dab nails: The carb cap is designed to fit most standard sized dab nails and bangers with a diameter of up to 25mm.
  • Easy to use: Simply place the carb cap over the heated dab nail and inhale to enjoy a flavorful and efficient dabbing experience.
  • Helps to conserve concentrates: The carb cap helps to regulate the airflow over the heated nail, allowing you to vaporize your concentrates more efficiently and potentially conserve your materials.


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