“LAB RAT – Small Handlock Dichroic” refers to a specific type of hand-blown glass pipe. The name “LAB RAT” suggests that it was likely made by a glass artist who works in a laboratory-style setting, such as a glassblowing studio or workshop. A Sherlock pipe is a type of glass pipe that features a curved stem and a bowl that is situated at an angle to the stem. This design is intended to mimic the shape of the pipe used by Sherlock Holmes in the classic detective novels. Sherlock pipes are popular among smokers because they are easy to hold and use, and they often feature intricate designs or unique color patterns.

  • “Dichroic” refers to a type of glass that contains multiple layers of metal oxides, which give the glass a unique shimmering effect when light is reflected off of it.
  • This type of glass is often used in high-end glass art and jewelry.
  • Overall, the “LAB RAT – Small Handlock Dichroic” is a unique and visually striking glass pipe that is likely handcrafted by a skilled glass artist.
  • While the name suggests that it was made in a laboratory-style setting, it is difficult to know more about the specific origin or artist without additional information.


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