The GRAV® Big Circuit Rig will give you twice as much rotation. The intake hole’s angle causes water and vapour to rapidly spin and provide a strong centrifugal force. Because of the twin stacked chambers, this effect is amplified and the vapour is cooled, resulting in smoother hits. The steep bend in the mouthpiece of the Big Circuit Rig prevents splashback by keeping all water inside the rig. There is a 14mm female-jointed domeless nail made of heat-resistant quartz included in this piece, so all you need to do is add roughly 0.5″ of water to start having fun.

  • Comes with: 14mm Quartz Domeless Nail
  • Designed by: Justin Couturier
  • Filtration type: Double Circuit Perc
  • Joint: 14mm Male
  • Length height: 7″
  • Use with: Concentrate


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