The American vape manufacturer KandyPens, best known for its concentrate pens, has released its first portable rig with the Oura. KandyPens hold off on releasing a portable desktop concentrate vaporizer until they have the ideal formula. Most significantly, dabbing with the KandyPens Oura is not only more fashionable and easy than conventional torching, but also safer.

Desktop vaporizer, KandyPens brand / manufacturer

Vaporizer, portable

Yes, haptic feedback

Usage: Oil Wax/Concentrates

The mouthpiece is made of glass.

Heating Technique: Conduction

Preset temperatures for temperature control

Energy Source: Grid of batteries

Glass Quartz Ceramic Quartz Chamber/Oven Material

Direct delivery Automatic shut-off: yes

Origin: USA

Charging Pass-Through: Yes

Thermostat settings: four 620°F, 860°F, 980°F, and 1090°F as settings

5 seconds for heating up

3000 mAh battery capacity

Warranty detailsContinual guarantee

Other qualitiesPower Sensor with “Smart Touch”



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