In order to meet the demands of every user, Packwraps, Bio, and Twisted Wraps joined together to develop a three-in-one Wrap Kit. With this ultra-premium leaf wrap that is Nicotine and Tobacco free and created to replicate the characteristics of a natural leaf, you can pack like a pro. The Packwood leaf still gives you that distinctive natural leaf feels while being engineered to burn slowly, have a fresh taste, and keep fresher for longer. A reusable glass tip created in the USA by BIO using medical-grade borosilicate glass is included in the price of the Our Packwraps kit. Large particles are filtered out by our glass filter tip, which is designed for a cool draw. No of your level of experience, the Pro Packer XL tool can help you pack like a pro.

  • 2x Impossible Leaf™ Wrap
    • Slow Burning & Great Taste
    • Tobacco Free & Nicotine Free
    • World’s First Impossible Leaf™
    • Long Lasting Freshness
    • Mimics the properties of natural leaf
    • Specialty Whale Tail Cut for an even burn signature
  • Pro Packer XL – Herb Packing Tool
    • Packs the perfect XL blunt for your fresh greens
    • Do it like the pros with this all in one blunt making kit.
    • Fits 2 Grams of Herb
  • Reusable Filtered Glass Tip
    • Medical Grade Borosilicate Glass
    • Engineered for a cool draw
    • Filters out large particles



Banana Cream, Gushin Grape, Hemp Natural, Juicy Mango, Strawberry Vanilla, Sweet


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