The Panda – Jellyfish is a freshwater hydrozoan jellyfish that is native to China. It gets its name from its black and white coloration, which is similar to that of a panda bear. The Panda – Jellyfish is a popular pet due to its unique appearance and relatively docile nature.

This jellyfish species can grow to be about 4 inches in diameter and has a lifespan of around 2 years. The Panda – Jellyfish is a carnivore and feeds on small crustaceans, zooplankton, and fish larvae. In the wild, they are typically found in slow-moving or stagnant bodies of water, such as ponds, lakes, and ditches.

If you are considering getting a Panda – Jellyfish as a pet, it is important to research their care requirements beforehand. They need to be kept in an aquarium with a minimum volume of 10 gallons and a filter system designed for jellyfish. The water temperature should be kept between 68-82 degrees Fahrenheit and the salinity should be between 1.020-1.025.

Panda – Jellyfish are generally easy to care for, but there are a few things to keep in mind in order to keep them healthy and happy. First, they are very sensitive to changes in water quality, so it is important to do regular water changes and monitor the parameters of the aquarium closely. Second, they are not very tolerant of other tank mates, so it is best to keep them in a species-only tank. Lastly, they can be delicate creatures, so it is important to handle them with care.


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