The Pencil Timer Dabber – NN919 is a type of dabber tool designed for use with concentrate nails or bangers. It features a unique design that combines a dabber tool with a timer, allowing users to precisely control the length of their dabbing sessions. The dabber tool is made from high-quality borosilicate glass, which is heat-resistant and durable. It features a pointed tip that can be used to pick up concentrates and transfer them to a nail or banger.

  •  Powered by a small battery and can be set for up to 60 seconds.
  • The timer is activated by pressing a small button on the side of the dabber, which starts a countdown clock.
  • It emits a small beep to indicate that the dabbing session is over.
  • A precise and convenient way to control the length of their dabbing sessions.
  • The unique design of the dabber tool makes it a great accessory.
  • The high-quality glass construction ensures that it can withstand frequent use.

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