Blazy’s Purple Cones The best option for smokers who wish to improve their smoking experience is Susan PLPL. These pre-rolled cones are expertly made using premium ingredients to guarantee a smooth and pleasurable smoking. Natural plant cellulose, which is fully biodegradable and environmentally benign, is used to make the cones. The paper’s lovely purple colour was achieved through natural pigment dyeing, adding a splash of colour to your smoking session. There are 6 pre-rolled cones in each pack, which you can easily fill with your preferred dried herbs. To ensure a clean and smooth smoke, the cones are also built with a crutch filter that keeps any plant matter out of your mouth. You may have a hassle-free smoking experience with Purple Cones.

  • Natural materials.
  • Beautiful color.
  • Pre-rolled cones.
  • Crutch filter
  • Convenient.
  • Consistent size and shape.



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