The diameter of the slim and small wax vaporizer is 0.4 inches (11 mm). It is simple to place ingredients into the chamber thanks to the small tool attached to the mouthpiece. Twisting the small tool will also allow it to be removed. Quartz (crystal) coil with ceramic mouthpiece for the Q cell

  • Slim & compact size wax vaporizer is 0.4 inch (11 mm) in diameter
  • The quartz coil and ceramic mouthpiece prevent impurities during vaporization, so you can enjoy the flavor of the material itself
  • Pre-heat feature allows you to vaporizate wax immediately after pressing the power button
  • The mini tool attached to the mouthpiece makes it easy to insert ingredients into the chamber
  • Length: 5.0 inches (129 mm) / Diameter: 0.4 inches (11 mm) / Weight: 2.3 oz 



Black, Blue, Rainbow, Red, White


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