The “Rastafari Lion Black Light” poster is a striking and vibrant art piece that features the iconic image of a lion, which is an important symbol in Rastafarian culture. The poster is designed to be viewed under black light, which gives it a unique and glowing effect.

The lion is depicted with a majestic and powerful presence, with its mane flowing and its eyes staring directly at the viewer. The background of the poster is a colorful and psychedelic pattern that adds to the overall effect of the piece.


  • 23″ x 35″ vertical wall poster.
  • Blacklight reactive to reveal new colors.
  • Velvety, flocked black for high contrast.
  • The lion plays a significant part in the Rastafari way of life. For a moment, Snoop Dogg adopted the moniker, Snoop Lion, while Bob Marley is frequently shown as a lion in symbols. Using the Rastafari Lion Blacklight Poster, you may bring that same vibe into your home.


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