The Ridged Rainbow 4 Part Grinder is a herb grinder made of durable aluminum material. It has a 4-part design that features a magnetic top lid, grinding chamber, mesh screen, and pollen catcher. The ridged design of the grinder makes it easier to grip and twist, allowing for a smooth and effortless grinding experience. The rainbow color finish gives it a stylish and unique look. This grinder is perfect for grinding herbs, spices, and other materials for smoking, cooking, or brewing.

  • The Ridged Rainbow 4 Part Grinder – BVGS073B is a grinder used for grinding dry herbs and spices.
  • It consists of four parts, including a top grinding compartment with sharp teeth, a bottom compartment for collecting ground material, a mesh screen for filtering out pollen, and a pollen catcher tray.
  • The ridged design provides a better grip while grinding, and the rainbow color gives it a unique and attractive appearance.


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