Get your grind on with these stylish 4 Layer Herb Grinders featuring Star Wars and Superheroes. Features Sharp Diamond Cutting Aluminum Teeth with a scraper incorporated for incredibly effective and effortless grinding of medicinal herbs, dry herbs and spices. The large pollen catcher collects the fine pollen that is released by the ground herbs and spices. Precision Designed with a heavy-duty zinc alloy for added strength, quality, and durability; strong neodymium magnets for a tight fit, freshness preservation, and odour control. includes extremely friction-reducing grinding. 2 x 2 x 2.5 inches. Darth Vader, BB-8, the Millennium Falcon, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, and Spider-Man are some possible costume choices.

  • 4 Layer Herb Grinder with Bonus Scraper
  • Sharp Diamond Cutting Aluminum Teeth for effortless grinding
  • Long-lasting
  • Choose designs of your favorite Star Wars Characters or Superheroes


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