RYOT Hard Shell Krypto-Kit, a revolutionary pocketable storage system meticulously designed for glass bats and compact vapes. Originally unveiled in 2000 as our pioneering creation, the Krypto-Kit has since become an unparalleled favorite. In response to evolving needs, we’ve recently reimagined the Krypto-Kit, refining its dimensions for enhanced portability, incorporating advanced odor absorption technology, and optimizing storage for smoking essentials. For daily smokers, the Krypto-Kit stands as the quintessential solution. It seamlessly complements products like the RYOT Glass Bat or the Wooden One Hitter with Glass Tip.

Experience the SmellSafe Advantage

The SmellSafe Carbon Series lies at the heart of our innovation, integrating extensive carbon-infused padding. This design feature proficiently neutralizes and captures the majority of odors within its micro-porous composition. Coupled with our weather-proof fabric and fortified by a moisture-seal zipper, this combination constructs an authentic physical barrier. RYOT’s pipe and vape cases cater to the refined herbal enthusiast, reflecting our commitment to utility, discretion, and style. Rely on RYOT to efficiently pack and protect.

Reactivate with Ease

To re-activate the carbon lining filters, a brief 5-minute tumble in the dryer is all it takes.

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: 4.75 L x 2.75 W x 1.5 H inches


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