A product that is commonly used in the cannabis industry for handling and storing various concentrates and extracts. The parchment paper is produced by the RAW brand, which specializes in natural and unrefined smoking accessories. The unrefined parchment paper is made from pure vegetable paper that is unbleached, making it a natural and eco-friendly option for those who prefer to use sustainable products. The paper is coated on both sides with a layer of food-grade silicone, which prevents the substances from sticking to the paper and allows for easy handling.

  • The 8x8cm size of the parchment paper
  •  Handling small amounts of material, such as small pieces of shatter, wax, or oil.
  • The paper is also heat-resistant,
  • Safe to use with hot substances, such as a heated dab tool.
  •  Not affect the flavor or quality


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