This convenient Ash Catcher helps trap burnt ash before it enters your piece, which means a cleaner water pipe and less maintenance for you. This non-diffusing dry ash catcher is a must-have water pipe upgrade attachment that comes in 45-degree with a 14mm male insert. Designed with no perks means zero drag or resistance when using your piece. When your done, simply empty your ash catcher of the burnt ash and rinse with water. Viola! It is ready for your next set. The Ash Catcher is crafted from premium high-grade borosilicate glass and has a grounded joint for a a tighter seal.


  • Crafted from premium grade borosilicate glass
  • Fit 14mm female joint
  • Non-diffusing ash catcher collects ash with zero drag
  • Collect ash before it enters your water pipe keeping it spic-n-span
  • Complete with Dewars joint for added durability
  • Small compact design only 3″ inches tall
  • 45-degree angle
  • Quality glass but light enough to fit almost any water pipe


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