The Whizzinator Touch is a prosthetic-equipped artificial urine gadget. The contraption consists of a prosthesis (fake penis), a bag that is attached to the belt, and an extremely secure belt that fits around your waist and legs. You may wear the Whizzinator for a long time because of its design. Each Whizzinator Touch comes with a prosthesis in the colour of your choosing, a vinyl medical grade pouch, four organic heating pads, a 60ml syringe, a Golden Shower, and a set of instructions. It also comes with a 100% cotton elastic belt with two comfortable leg straps. Any situation can be handled safely and discretely by the Whizzinator.

  • 1 Whizzinator Touch (5 colours available)
  • 100% Cotton elastic belt with a pressure band
  • Refillable Vinyl Pouch with Non-Spill Refill Port
  • 4 Heat Pads (Body temperature is: 98.6°F degrees)
  • One Golden Shower Synthetic Urine
  • One 60ml syringe
  • One set of instructions


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