RAW Zombie Tray

This Metal Rolling Tray depicts a blood-curdling RAW pack being raised from the ground in a cemetery while being grasped by a green zombie hand. This tray is made of metal, has rounded edges, and a gentle touch, making it ideal for all of your rolling needs. It is also pleasant and simple to clean. zombie smokers who have emerged from the shadows and are ready for one last drag

Tray Purpose

These RAW rolling trays are ideal for their intended use. All of your smoking materials and residue should be kept inside of this rolling tray to keep your desk, floor, and home clean. The mini is perfect for just doing a fast roll or if you need one to travel with, the small is in the middle with the best of both worlds, and the giant rolling tray is lovely and big it can contain all of your custom smoke materials! Grab this rolling tray, your preferred pack of rolling papers, and some quality filler to get rolling.



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