• The Leaf Handle Bowl – NN839 appears to be a smoking accessory designed for use with dry herbs. Here are some bullets that provide more information about this product:
    • The Leaf Handle Bowl – NN839 is a smoking bowl designed for use with dry herbs, such as cannabis flower.
    • The bowl is typically made from heat-resistant materials, such as glass or ceramic, to ensure safe use during smoking sessions.
    • The bowl features a unique leaf-shaped handle that makes it easy to manipulate and remove from the smoking device.
    • The size and shape of the bowl may vary depending on the specific product, but it is typically designed to hold a moderate amount of dry herb.
    • The NN839 product code may indicate a specific size or style of the Leaf Handle Bowl, such as color or material variations.
    • Leaf Handle Bowls are popular among smoking enthusiasts for their unique design and ease of use.
    • Overall, the Leaf Handle Bowl – NN839 is a stylish and practical accessory for those who enjoy smoking dry herbs and want a bowl that is easy to handle and manipulate.

18F, 18M


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