You’ve discovered the ideal piece if you’re looking for a water pipe designed for mobility and starting smooth smoking sessions! A straight tube water pipe with a small profile made of borosilicate glass is called the International Trap Star Double Honeycomb Water Pipe. No devoted marijuana user would pass up the Double Honeycomb despite its rugged look and rather astounding functioning. Two honeycomb percolators located inside the International Trap Star Double Honeycomb Water Pipe function to provide you clean, drag-free hits throughout your session! This water pipe’s straight neck is embellished with a bubbled mouthpiece for maximum suction to help keep your hits fresh. In this method,

  • Enjoy smooth, high quality hits from this straight tube water pipe!
  • Handcrafted from borosilicate glass
  • Wide rimmed base for additional durability
  • 90-degree Dewar’s Joint | 14mm female joint
  • Comes with a FREE 14mm male slide
  • Double honeycomb percolators for smooth, seamless hits with little to no resistance
  • Bubbled mouthpiece for optimal suction
  • Ice pinch for cool, refreshing hits
  • Colored accents
  • International Trap Star branded logo
  • Available in 2 color choices
  • Measurements: Approx. 7″ height | 3.5″ base diameter

Clear, Green


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