The Syringe Dabber – NN1224 appears to be a dabbing tool used for handling and administering cannabis concentrates. Here are some bullets that provide more information about this product:

    • The Syringe Dabber – NN1224 is a dabbing tool that is shaped like a syringe and designed for handling and administering cannabis concentrates, such as wax or shatter.
    • The tool is made from high-quality, heat-resistant materials to ensure durability and safe use.
    • The “syringe” part of the tool typically has measurement markings, allowing users to easily measure out and dispense their desired amount of concentrate.
    • The opposite end of the tool is typically pointed or flat, allowing users to easily manipulate and apply the concentrate to their dab rig or other smoking device.
    • The NN1224 product code may indicate a specific size or style of the Syringe Dabber, such as color or material variations.
    • Syringe Dabbers are popular among cannabis concentrate enthusiasts for their ease of use and accuracy in handling small amounts of concentrate.
    • Overall, the Syringe Dabber – NN1224 is a useful tool for those who enjoy dabbing cannabis concentrates and want a precise and convenient way to handle and administer them.


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