Wulf Kodo Pro – Yocan

Impressive Cloud Generation from Oil Cartridges

The remarkable cloud production achieved from oil cartridges characterizes the KODO Pro, a vaporizer boasting a compact design. Within its sleek aesthetic lies a 400mAh battery, offering substantial power for an exceptionally gratifying vaping encounter.

Customizable Vaping Experience through Adjustable Voltage

Ranging from 1.8V to 4.2V, the voltage settings are adjustable, allowing you to tailor your vaping session to your individual preferences.

Efficient Vapor Production with a 10-Second Preheat Capability

A standout attribute of the KODO Pro is its 10-second preheat function, guaranteeing swift and effective vapor creation while prioritizing efficiency.

Broad Cartridge Compatibility through 510 Connection

The device integrates a 510 connection, ensuring compatibility with an extensive array of cartridges. This facilitates the seamless exploration of diverse flavors and formulations.

Emphasis on Convenience in Design

Central to the KODO Pro’s design philosophy is convenience. The battery life is conserved with a 15-second automatic shut-off mechanism, enabling prolonged vaping engagements.

Clear OLED Display for Enhanced Visibility

The OLED display prominently presents vital information, encompassing battery status and voltage settings. This visibility empowers precise control over your vaping experience.

Swift Charging via Type-C Port

Facilitating fast charging, the Type-C port curtails downtime and maximizes the duration of your vaping enjoyment.




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